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A horseful life…

Spending a good time with your horse is one of the greatest experiences in life humans can made. Since a long time ago the relationship between human and horse is a special one far from just a livestock. Everywhere in the world people enjoy time with their horse. Riding is not just a sport, it´s a passion. This animal has evolved over the past 55 million years and was domesticated by mankind about 3000 BC and getting one of the most important livestock.

Continents and lands had been discovored on the back of them and gave man a new mobility in a wild and wide world.


Horse Map

Find horse stables, blacksmith, saddlers and other places worldwide with our maps.


Horse Stables

Finding a great horse stable is very important for your horse. The perfect stable is the best best prerequisite of the horse wellbeing.



Finding the right saddle ist very important for the rider and the experience while gallop trough wide beautyful landscapes.